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Farmer Law PC is a Business Partner Not Just a Law Firm

November 02, 2022 Season 1 Episode 12
The Immigration Guy
Farmer Law PC is a Business Partner Not Just a Law Firm
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Part 2 of the Farmer Law PC Labor Summit episode talks about client experiences with our law firm. We also have some fun talking about hunting, aliens, ghosts, and  golfing with a broken neck. 

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Produced & Edited By: Drew Tattam

Couple, couple things I've already thought are good in your personal life and in business. One is, uh, in business. Always hire people that are smarter than you so they can complement you. You've done that very well, Kyle. Thank you. Also, always marry people that are smarter than you. They can compliment. I love that you did that too.

So, I mean, and then I never thought about, always marry people that can shoot better than you. But you did that too, so you, you should try it. You're three for three. I don't know. I, no, I'm gonna, yeah, we'll teach your wife to shoot. It won't take long to pass you. I don't want her to shoot too good. Hey y'all, this is the immigration guy with Kyle Farmer.

I, I don't know if you should be talking trash about by shooting. Don't I have $50 of your dollars in my pocket right now? Actually, I have $40 of mine I made Jared. Oh, that's right. Jared will have two soon enough, maybe $10 bucks story. That is true. That's true. No, but that's true. If my wife was here, I would have no money either.

Yeah, definitely. 

Uh, uh, marrying prettier and smarter is a good idea and, and I'm convinced that, um, the reason my wife didn't shoot was cuz she knew she would shoot better than me and she's trying to help me save face, so I appreciate it. 

Keeping your confidence outta it. Yeah, that, that is nice. I wish my wife showed me such grace.

We, we played tennis a lot at our honeymoon and her. And I don't know if there's a long plane ride there or what, but she did not show any mercy and, and I suffered. 

So, what, so we did a, we did a few events. We did the actual pheasant shooting, and then we did the, uh, game simulated games. Simulated sporting plays.

Yeah. Which was wild. They, we would just, there were six of us standing in the. They would throw 60 clay targets at us, and we would just try to hit all of 'em. We in three minutes. It's that long. Was it three? Yeah. It was 60 targets in a few minutes. Yeah. Yeah. So, we did that. We did the bird hunting and then we did sport clays and obviously poker night.

Which one was the best? I would like to say poker night, but I lost too much. Mine to say. Poker night. The uh, if we're gonna go based off of where you, you're laming in it. No, man. I guy all my. The way we hunt and here with the driven pheasant hunts. Yeah. Was a blast. I've never seen anything like that before.

No, maybe never. Nothing like that before where you just can't, that I thought for me, that was the best part of it. I mean the, the dialogue of the professor. That, that was good too, that was. I think I really liked the simulated sporting plays were, cuz we're all standing there together in a, in a tighter group and watching each other, cheering each other on giving each other hard.

counting for each other. And it was literally clay's flying over here faster than you could reload. Yeah. And it was just, it was a good time. And we're just giving each other a hard time at the same time, like counting everyone that broke. And we said earlier today, like, if you can't give each other a hard time, then we're in the wrong group of friends.

Right? Yeah. So yeah, we, we, we talked about that back home and uh, we were doing that yesterday. Everybody was having a good time. Everybody was, you know, giving each other rubs. And, and I thought that was a blast cuz it was a little. It was a closer network, a little more intimate, just having a good time.

And, um, everybody was there together. Yeah, whenever you, whenever you asked that question, there was a real pause there. And I don't think the pause was because we were like, man, I really didn't enjoy any of 'em. I think it was a pause because how do you, how do you only pick one of those? Um, especially when it comes to the, to the outdoor activities, and I don't know that I could pick a favorite out of 'em.

They were, they were all. Um, I, I grew up a hunter, but I never shot clays and I, and I didn't do any bird hunting, but, um, it was very fun coming out here and definitely humbling at the same time. I, I got some practicing to do whenever I get back to Indiana. Um, but, uh, uh, I, it was all very enjoyable. 

Kyle, one question for you.

Yeah. Now that we've been out here and Edwin was with us, does uh, does Edwin get a new shotgun for a Christmas present? I, I feel that's probably a new shotgun. Could not fix Edwin's shot. I'm not doing that. Yeah. I did buy Kristen, uh, our managing attorney in our firm. I bought her a shotgun for Christmas last year, and the first thing she did was she took the shotgun, put it in her bathroom and lock the door.

I'm like, I don't think they walk out and shoot you. She didn't have a gun safe or something though. Yeah, I don't. So, over the next few months, year, couple years, um, just as we're working through H-2A processes, H-2B processes, um, green card process, what, what advice do you have for people, um, here and listening as far as how to navigate through, through some of that?

Is it, hurry up. Is it, wait, be patient? Is it. All right. Well, what advice do you have for just navigating through that, that, that we've been doing here for a few years now? Yeah. You know, it, I think that the main thing is that it's a learning process, you know, and, and it's, it's tough as people get, and which I would too, you know, if I'm putting my money in something and I don't know exactly.

Understand all of it. that's not comfortable, but it is learning process and it gets easy it, or easier, I should say. It gets easy for me cuz I do it all day, every day. I'm sure that it's still, there's still things that you're like, oh, I didn't know that. And, uh, but it's just, you continue to get better at it.

You know, what I've seen from people is a lot of times, especially with like H-2A visas, uh, H-2B Visas, one of the first things that they do is they, whenever they start, they're. man, what did I get myself into? And then after the first year, they're kind of like, all right, I got through it. I can do that again.

And by the third year they're like, how in the hell did I ever live without this? And that's kind of the progression that I've seen. So, it's a, it's a long process, but, uh, it, it ends up now. So, I think that's kind of the main thing. Just be patient, accept the fact you're in a learning environment. And, and then of course the most self-serving, uh, advice I could possibly give.

And get someone that actually knows what they're doing, because there's a lot of posers. There's a lot of posers and a lot of people that'll let you down. So, get something, get someone that you think won't let you down. Appreciate that's not though. Oh, I was just gonna say we've, we've been involved with the posers before, right?

Yeah. And that's how we left that. Organization came to Farmers that it was, it was not a good situation. We didn't have all the facts, we didn't have all the information we did, and we didn't have the good communication. And that was jeopardizing for our business. Yeah. And, um, and the people that we were bringing here to work as well.

And so having the opposite of that and having good information, communication is, uh, is really, it's relieving, like you said. be patient and get the facts and know that it's a process. It's a learning process. I mean, I've been here, you know, for three days and just, it's been like information overload, and it's been like that every, every conversation we have all the time, whenever we're doing Zoom calls and figuring things out, and every year it's like information overload.

All right, what else can we learn? How do we navigate this, this better? But yeah, appreciate that as far as just be patient, get educated, know that, know that it's a process. Keep working through it and don't team up. Um, opposer. Yeah, because it is, it is scary and yeah, not knowing what we didn't know then, and going down a path that could have been, could have been really, really bad.

And, uh, being here is just a better place. It's still risks involved and you're navigating through that and you still gotta follow your regulations. But it, uh, being told other things, cruising along. It's uh, it could be detrimental. 

Yeah. No, but the thing Tyler, I think your, your entire team is so genuine about is when I talk to your team, I never feel like you have the best interest of yourself involved.

I really feel like you have the best interest of Summit Contracting involved. Yeah. You're gonna tell us what we need to do to be in compliance, to get things right, to, uh, to help us grow. That you really, genuinely. know what's in our best, that you have the experience to tell us, hey guys, in construction, this is what you wanna do.

These are the kind of visas you want. This is, this is what you have to do to be in compliance. This is, and you know, the, the H-2A compliance stuff and the big labor laws, and we, Jared and I, we can't interpret that stuff. We, we need a partner that can tell us, guys, you do stuff this way and you'll be.

Yeah, don't do this. And it's so important that we have that, um, cuz without you guiding us in our best interests, which you guys really do have our benches or we, we'd be a little bit lost. So, you're such a compliment to what we do all the time. And I think it, I think that ties back in with what we talked about earlier in the purpose of this trip and, and the agenda that was set forth.

I, we definitely wanna come down here and I think if we spend three days with somebody and we still can't tell if they're opposer, then that's an issue on ours. But if we can come down here and spend the three days, then I'm not looking to come down here and become a, an expert at this. By any time, I leave, I'm coming down here to see if, if I met somebody that is an expert in it, somebody that I can trust with the credibility and the brand of the company for which I, I work for.

So, of course we like to throw different, different ideas out there and, and I'm sure that our general council will, will vet it out to, to some. But at the same time, we, I've thrown a lot of hypothetical questions and different, different scenarios that could come up, and there really hasn't been a whole lot of delay in the answers, not only from Kyle, but from other attorneys at Farmer Law.

So, they're really, they're really good with, with BS and coming up with a quick answer on the spot where they know their stuff. So, I, I'm willing to take a gamble on them knowing their stuff. Brandon, hopefully it's helpful, you know, as you guys have kind of starting this process and we've been in it for seven years now, you know, and gone from four, four individuals to 40 individuals.

Um, and you can, we can kind of have a conversation and, and know that, you know, we, we've been through it, we've been through it with them, we've been through with others, and hopefully you guys feel more comfortable now meeting us too, and, uh, knowing that we've gotten through it as well. No, a hundred percent.

This is all new to us, and, and we've tried a different thing, a couple things with innovative workforce solutions, but, um, we haven't really dived in too much, so hopefully, um, that we don't pick a pose on the first one, but I'm very confident we won't. And we, we talked about how, how Kyle and his wife have been able to build this really good team and it seems almost.

Um, it just occurs to me sitting now. It's like, well, but now he's got me sitting next to a guy that has been working with him for seven years, he knows I need some credibility. So, it's, uh, either very strategic or just the cards are falling in place in, in a way that works out. 

I, I can tell you it's a hundred percent dumb luck.

Yeah. No, it's dumb luck. Unless my wife did it, then it's strategic. Yeah, it’s. Maybe we're all in on it and we don't even know. We're all just playing our roles and yeah, my cards didn't fall that good, Leslie? Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, I, I appreciate all that, y'all. Now, now I owe y'all all, y'all your money back poker.

I kind of, the bouncer shifted that we're. Talking a lot. I good about Kyle here. I don't know. Are you getting uncomfortable yet, Kyle or I am. I'm, I'm gonna have to loosen my hat if we keep this up. Edwin, back there. He keeps. 

pointing. It's like it's me that's doing it. That's what he keeps. It's Edwin pointing to himself back there.

Edwin's, Edwin's the guy. Dude, I'm, I'm telling you, I, I've got my money on Drew. Oh yeah. She's the one That's why you keep losing your money. She's the one, the one pushing the buttons to make this thing work. And she's just got all the puppets working like they need. 

She just muted me when I said that. I just looked over there and saw her turn that little knob all the way down.

Drew created a picture of you without eyeballs and lips that makes you look like you. I don't know how she does that. We called that picture wishful thinking. Wishful think is how Kyle, I, I've got some ideas on, you know, we try, we try not to get too blinded by what's right in front of us with. With what's coming down the road.

And I, I think that you've got to prioritize and not only pay attention to what's urgent, but what's important. And if you don't do what's important, then what's important will become urgent. So, what are your thoughts on, on the workforce over the next 10, 20, 30 years? 

Yeah, you know, it, it's interesting cuz I, I see a lot of people, uh, thinking that the current job market is, soften whenever, uh, that the unemployment rate goes up and that people are gonna get a little bit more desperate for work.

I don't think that's really the case. I think that we actually have somewhat of a culture shift in the United States where, uh, particularly younger people are not wanting to get into some of the jobs that they would've historically, and we've actually seen that even in agriculture. Like you can look at statistics of what happens with family farms.

A lot of times, you know, historically those have been taken over by, uh, their relatives, but now a lot of times what we see is there, their descendants will actually go to college and then go do something else. And, and we've, we've just seen kind of a flight. Uh, these industries with a domestic workforce, and I don't think that that's gonna get any better.

I think it's gonna get worse, and it, it's actually one of the things that drives me absolutely crazy whenever I see criticism of some of the various immigration programs we use, or, uh, of farmers in general. It drives me absolutely insane to see some of the shortsighted opinions that people have. Uh, the use of immigration and, and the, what the quote unquote consequences of immigration are.

I'm like, man, you, you, people would change your mind if you lived 30 days in our world. Like it would be it you, I would welcome you to go be an HR and an agricultural company for 30 days and see if you still have that same opinion that you have about immigrants. Cuz you'll see that it doesn't matter what you're paying people, it doesn't matter.

At all because it's just people don't wanna do this work and you can't change that. And so, I think that despite what happens with the labor market over the, the foreseeable future, it's not gonna actually have a negative consequence on, uh, I, I guess it's not gonna have that, the consequence of people wanting to come back to these shops, I don't see that.

I think they'd rather not work. 

I think the quote that, that Jared talked about earlier on the back of your shirt, And I pointed that quote out to Edwin. Cause I said I'm gonna need one of those shirts. So, oh, we, we've got your name on it. 

Well, I think we need to, uh, I think somebody that retweets us, we need to have Drew pick him and we need to send a shirt to them as well.

I, hey, I like it. It's gonna be Drew's mom because she'll, she'll for sure be listening. She'll, if I'm the only person that retweets this, do I get a shirt from Edwin and a shirt from Drew? That's fair. So far. Brandon, Brandon, Drew’s mom, and I are the only three people who've listened to the podcast.

Didn't hear. I'm like, what can I say into this microphone? Cause I, I want to help Kyle. I want to help Drew. I know this is Drew's baby. We need to make this thing go viral. And I'm just not sure how we get there, but there's a lot of ways I could get there, but not a lot of ways It won't get me in trouble.

You know, you look at the workforce of the next of the next 50 years and, and I've just got two questions. The first would be, um, I'm seeing a lot of stuff on the internet about UFOs and uh, yep, there we are. What would the employability be of an alien? Would we need a visa for that? And, and my follow up question would be, what about spirits?

If I've got a spirit in my house and it's cleaning Yep. Am I obligated to compensate that individual for their time? Uh, I, yeah. So first of all, let, can we actually, wow. Can we address the, can we address the spirits first? Can we just go there? Well, we do, we go with the spirits for the, yeah, let's go with the spirits.

Let's go with the spirits first. And the liquid and the, the other types. No, I, I like going after the spirits because I know for sure that there are certainly some plaintiff lawyers out, they would want to see you for overtime, for, for your spirit's labor. That's for damn sure. And they, they may have a case.

I'm not sure. There's probably a spirit advocacy group out there, just hungry to go after you. So yeah, definitely, definitely should pay your spirits in accordance with the, their, their, their job. Don't violate your state or federal minimum wage with your spirit labor. Do y'all think aliens are? Do you, do you, do you believe that they exist?

There's life outside of Earth. I've seen a lot of, um, headlines on Twitter, but, uh, past that, that's about where my expertise ends. 

No, they for sure exist. I mean, the, do you think so? Yes. Yes. There's life outside of Earth. 

Have you ever, have you had encounters with 'em, or no? Like some, no. All I'm saying is dude, they're for sure aliens.

That's, you know, and I, and that's not to say that we're gonna ever know. But why would there not be aliens? And then, and so Brandon, one of your questions was, does heaven count? Uh, I, I guess, I don't know if heaven would be in outer space. Of course, I'm a Christian. I, I certainly believe in heaven. Well, and that's part of coming down here, getting know you and seeing.

We rode in your truck and seeing the Bible in there, as well as some other strategically placed Yeti cups that we questioned at time, not strategy. I told you my wife is the strategy one. I'm the reckless one. 

We were convinced. It's like, okay. They had a group coming from South Dakota and from Indiana.

They put these cups in here and they've got a different set of cups for next week. When the folks from California to New York come. Yeah, 

yeah, yeah. And I roll up in my Tesla instead of my, my F-350. But also, one of the things that makes me think about, uh, like ghost, cuz now I think there is a logical, the theological argument to be made that ghosts aren't real and that ghosts can't be real.

And if you think about it from a biblical standpoint, there is a, uh, it, it seems like according to the Bible, there's two places that you go whenever you die, there's heaven and there's hell. There's not stuck on earth. I, I think ghosts are more real than aliens. Get out of here, come out. I, I think I believe more in spirits than ghost.

And don't ask me to define what the difference I was about to what? What do you think? What do you think about a, uh, ghost? Oh, you guys lost me a little while ago. Sorry. No, no, no problem. Ghost. Are they real? We got into this conversation. 

I kind of, uh, faded away like a ghost. Yeah. 

I do think there are living things outside of earth.

Um, and yes, I do, uh, think there is a heaven. What was the other question? 

Art Ghost real higher probability. Ghost spirits higher. What's the difference between spirits and ghost? I said the same. But I'm, you know, spirits are more, to me, something you feel when the back of the hair's on the back of your neck tingle.

And, and you feel that. Yeah. But if somebody tells me I saw a ghost in that window, like in the movies, uh, I ain't believing them. 

So, so you're okay. So, you, you kind of believe in ghosts but not ghosts that you can see invisible ghosts, hot knee, and shooting pheasants today and all this stuff is, probably a whole different conversation, but as we're shooting at the birds and everything, what, what's the best load to shoot pheasants with?

So today we're shooting 20 gauges with, what do we have? Seven, seven and a half? Yeah. Round shots. Uh, what, what would be your preferred round to shoot at. 

Pheasants with God? That one seemed to work just fine when my wife was shooting it. Well, yeah. Yeah, I would say, I would say that I'm not, you know, I haven't hunt birds nearly as much as I have other.

I've hunt, uh, a lot of deer, a lot of pigs, uh, elk and coyotes and firm believers. 

in 12-gauge four shot professors. Y'all, y'all need twelves. That, that explains why it took all y'all's money on that. Uh, sporting clay, big, healthy birds take a little bit more to bring down. No, we like to get these that they don't feed.

Yeah. Get the hum birds. Kyle, what was, uh, what was your most beneficial part about this week? What do you, uh, what do you enjoy the most? We've kind of been talking. how we, how we felt about it. What, what do you think? 

Yeah. You know, um, I would say, you know, I, I, I definitely, I love every event, but I, I love doing all these events with people I like, like that's just the, that's the part that's the most fun to me.

Like, if I were doing that crap by myself, I would've been doing it for about 30 minutes. You know, it's just, it's not as fun, but building relationships and, uh, making new friends in the process. Is probably the, the part that I like the most. So, I'd say all of 'em, but, but that, uh, that community element was, was definitely my favorite.

That was the, that was the coolest part to me. Have you ever heard better stories than the ones Jared told you this week? Jared's got some good stories. He's really got some good stories. He's a help a swimmer, great swimmer, even with a broken neck, even with a broken neck. The, the golf ball story, I'd never heard that one though.

This. Oh yeah. The golf ball on the gun. That is maybe the best story. They didn't even make up stuff like that. Yeah, I, I think you should tell everyone that one, Jared. Okay. 

So just after, um, I got engaged a couple days after I got engaged, I broke my neck in Hawaii. That was not ideal. And, uh, fast forwarding a couple weeks to back in Nebraska, I was attending a, um, buddy's bachelor party.

We're just golfing. Not, not a crazy bachelor party. We just went out golfing. But I am after, uh, Jerry, to be fair, they're saying not a crazy bachelor party and knowing knew I throw the BS flag but go ahead. Yeah, 

Anyway, um, I'm sitting there in a collar, uh, full neck collar, uh, spinal fusion, and I'm just kind of riding along in this, in this gulf.

What does that collar thing mean? 

Uh, full neck collar. So, I can't, I mean, I can't move. I am You can't, you're stuck Completely stiff. Yeah, completely stiff from basically the shoulders on up. I can't move unless I turn my hips. So, I'm sitting in this passenger, I'm sitting in this golf court, golf cart, passenger side, and everybody else is teeing off.

I'm obviously not golfing cuz I've got a, I've got a broken neck. So , I'm just witnessing the event and, uh, having a good time minding my own business and, really just enjoying the day, you know, everybody else is partying, having a good time, and I'm just kinda enjoying my day, watching, uh, watching people golf, you know, really just celebrating my friend that found his true love and ready to get married and, and I thought that was super cool, you know?

And anyway, we're, uh, I'm sure you were thinking about that a lot. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I'm sitting there, pastor side of the golf cart with a full neck color, broken neck, and these guys are all teen off. And I'm about, I'm not 90 degrees to the side. I. Uh, just maybe 10 degrees forward of them. Felt like I was in a pretty safe spot to be sitting on a golf course.

Well come to find out, um, someone, um, towed one off their driver and not, not a, not a, um, not a par three. Were, we’re. He's using driver at this point, and I'm sitting. Uh, in the golf cart and hit the shot. Next thing I know, I'm lying on the golf cart seat because I got beamed in the side of the head with a golf ball while in a neck collar.

So now I'm bleeding from the back of my head, forward to my head, and I sit up and the guys are, yeah, like I said earlier, your friends are gonna ask. You know, your friends or your enemies are gonna be like, oh, shoot, what happened? What? You know, we need to see what's going on with 'em. But your friends are gonna sit there and laugh at you.

These, I look finally, by the time I get up and I the tweet Tweety, birds go away, sit up and look over and everybody is dying on the, on the tea box. It's because I'm laying outside of the golf cart in the neck brace, bleeding from the head cuz I just got beamed in the head of the golf. So now I get to go to the ER and get stitches because I got hit in this golf ball and the doctor looks at me and goes, what's going on in your life?

Because I'm getting stitches while in a neck brace.

I love the visualization of you just not seeing it coming like at all. You just hear the wack and hear the thunk. Did you even hear it? You just felt it, right? Yeah. Alright. Pendleton diet it. Yeah. We both spar. You did not, you're still here. The bar's open.


My favorite part of the entire weekend was how Jared just peer pressured the bartender into serving us bar. Hey, we're close. You are sure he All right, well, final thoughts So Drew can button this thing up. I think we obviously need to go out on yes or no on Ghost. Are they real or not? It's just a yes or no.

Final thought. You, you get one? Yes, or no? Final thought, yes, or no? Final thought. Ghosts are real. Wow. I mean, yes. 

Ghost, no spirits. Yes. What's the difference? Ghost is invisible. And so 

spirits. Yeah. I'm in. You're in on ghosts? Yep. And spirits. I'm out on ghost. What about aliens? Not until I see one this guy.

I'd say there's living some type of living organisms somewhere outside. The Milky Way, also known as an 

alien. Brandon's on Team Alien. There's definitely aliens. There's a hundred percent aliens. All right, well to all six of the people. Thanks for leaving. Yeah. To Drew's mom, thanks for listening, thank everyone for listening, and we will, uh, talk to you again next time.

Whatever that may be. Thank y'all for listening to the Immigration Guy Podcast. We really appreciate it. You can find us on our website, go to You can find me on LinkedIn and Twitter. Just search at Kyle Farmer, FLPC. Uh, you can find our law firm on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube. All you have to do is search for a Farmer Law PC.

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